Ed Kluz

Being the tallest kid in the year at school I was enthusiastically encouraged to take up the double bass aged 11. Throughout my teens I played with various residential youth orchestras based in the North of England where I grew up. This gave me a valuable grounding in orchestral playing and of course the social side of being a musician. In fact many long lasting friendships were made at this time – one particular friend from these early years also performs with Brandon Hill Chamber Orchestra.

At 18 I had to make the tough decision between pursuing an education in music or visual art. In the end I won a place at the Winchester School of Art where I studied painting between 1999-2002. 



After graduating I spent a few years living in Manchester, York and then London focusing on my developing artistic practice. I only started playing again when I moved to Brighton in 2010 where I found a vibrant music scene which rebooted my love of performing. In 2015 I co-founded the Brighton Chamber Ensemble. 

I now live in Bath where I also have my studio. I play on a French instrument (originally three strings) made in Mirecourt by Joseph Charotte sometime around 1820.