Concert review: 7th March, 2020

Some Audience feedback on the concert, courtesy St George’s

Average audience rating for the event: 4.75/5

A fine orchestra and a phenomenal violin soloist!

A small orchestra (although larger than the name “Chamber Orchestra” suggests) tackling large works – and not just going for the best known works by the composers, but lesser know works that allowed them to make a bold statement. The playing was always good, and I have seldom heard the Sibelius Violin Concerto played with such passion from either orchestra or soloist.

A wonderful evening of music at a very high standard. The soloist in the Sibelius Violin concerto was truly outstanding.

Ace concert.

Amazing, really enjoyed the performance.

At the age of 64, this is only the third time in my life I have had a chance to hear Sibelius’s Third Symphony live. It is not only my favourite Sibelius symphony but one of my favourite pieces of music of all time. I was not disappointed in the perfomance.

Engaging conductor,brilliant, violinist.beautiful Sibelius

Entertaining opening piece – with explanations thrown in between movements – helpful to those [like myself] who had no previous knowledge of the music. Superb interpretation of Sibelius’s demanding Violin Concerto, with obvious enjoyment on the part of both soloist & orchestra.

Fabulous and amazing soloist and the orchestra is first class’s in the hands of a creative and inspiring conductor. Thanks for arranging for this special event!

I have never heard such a professional non-professional orchestra. I would have liked to hear more pieces by Rautavaara.

It was a beautiful programme – really exciting and inspiring to watch and listen to. The orchestra felt really alive and the soloist was incredible .

Solo violin was amazing!


Surprisingly good for an amateur orchestra

The BHCO should perform more often!!!

Totally outstanding orchestra, conductor and soloist

Very enjoyable, and completely new to me, first piece by Finnish composer, Einojuhani Rautavaara, described by the conductor, Andres Kaljuste, which was a delightful way to introduce himself and the orchestra to the audience. The Sibelius violin concerto was an inspired performance by a young Polish virtuoso, Maria Wloszczowska.It was quite breath- taking and, in the many years that I have been coming to St George’s, I have never seen such a large and immediate standing ovation. A memorable evening.

What an amazing violinist Maria Wloszczowski is. She blends with her instrument, able to make it sing and evoke countryside, laughter, peace, curiosity or dance whilst singling out orchestral players to communicate with. All the musicians were perfectly aligned in their phrasing of Sibelius’ Violin concerto, giving it new and extended meaning to me. This was like a sandwich filling between more recent work by Finlands composer R…. and Sibelius 3rd symphony: a rare and sumptuous treat.