Concert review: 11th June, 2023

Some Audience feedback on the concert 

A superb orchestra that just keeps getting better. I find it hard to believe that this an amateur orchestra. There commitment is equal to many professional orchestras.

Beautiful sound, wonderful togetherness of the orchestra, great performances by stand out players.

Friendly experience, I was just going to book another event. I didn’t know how long it went on for when we arrived. The parking was good because if you arrive after 6, the parking is six until midnight outside. So the performance set for 7pm is just.

I thought the programme was brilliant, the playing was the usual high standard from BHCO and conductor and soloist were both very special.

It was the best evening of music I have enjoyed since I used to promenade regularly 60 years ago at the Proms!

Superb musicianship

The Barber cello concerto was new to me, and I found the performance hugely impressive. This orchestra is absolutely fabulous!

I came for the Barber Adagio (and you couldn’t have done it better, I had a tear in my eye after the first minute) but stayed for the rest and it was fantastic, I’ll be coming again. See you in November.